The first session will be thorough assessment of your condition and needs and a comprehensive treatment plan will be formed. Treatment will depend on the individual but may include hand on manual techniques, balance re-education, gait re-education and a full tailor made exercise programme, usually Pilates-based.

Sarah works with rehab/physiotherapy assistants who can either assist her if a client requires two people for mobility/ transfers or treatment. Or it may be that a client can be seen initially by Sarah and then continue their rehab or exercise programme with the physiotherapy assistant who is also a fully qualified Pilates Instructor. In this circumstance the client's programme will be carefully monitored by Sarah with regular reassessment and goals and management plan updated as necessary.

Private clients can progress into the equipment based rehab session on Wednesdays at 1pm which is run by Sarah and her assistant or into general studio sessions that run throughout the week if appropriate.

As well as full use of the most up to date Pilates machines such as the Reformer, Trapeze, Ladder Barrel, combo Chair and Core Align the studio is equipped with an Oswestry Standing frame which is excellent in facilitating standing for those that cannot stand very easily and parallel bars for gait re-education. For those that are mostly in a wheelchair a standing programme can be enormously beneficial aiding bladder and bowel function, stretching tight muscles, helping circulation and weight bearing through bones and joints. Please enquire for more details and whether the Oswestry Standing Frame is suitable for your needs.

Physiotherapy sessions last 45 minutes or 1 hour.


  • Initial assessment, 45 minutes, £55.
  • 1:1 physiotherapy treatment, 45 minutes, £55.
  • 1:1 physiotherapy assistant session, 45 minutes, £26
  • Home visits in Clevedon, 45 minutes, £60.
  • Physiotherapy letter/report: £55 per hour.
  • Please enquire about home visit prices outside Clevedon.

Available on request, if deemed appropriate by the physiotherapist: group physiotherapy sessions, physiotherapy assistant, adaptive personal training.

We also have musculo-skeletal physiotherapists, osteopaths, remedial massage therapists and acupuncturists that we work closely with and can recommend, please enquire.

Please enquire regarding prices for home visits from assistant only and sessions with both physiotherapist and assistant together.

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Home Visits

We provide a home visit service in Clevedon. Other areas may be available on request.

Neuro Physiotherapy
Neurological Physiotherapy
We specialise in treating people with conditions affecting their brain and spinal cord.

A complete exercise regime designed to promote good posture, flexibility and controlled breathing, whilst toning muscles to attain a leaner, firmer body. We are specialists in using Pilates with rehabilitation needs.
We are experienced at providing care and treatment to patients with, or recovering from the effects of cancer.
General Rehabilitation
General Rehabilitation
From aches and sprains and injuries to mobility and balance problems, we are here to help!