Sarah does amazing work. A month prior to our first meeting I had lost almost all movement on my left side as a result of a mild stroke. Even at the time of our first meeting, my walk was more of a shuffle, and my left arm movements were without any of the fine motor control necessary for 'normal' living. Sarah's approach was friendly, encouraging and, as a qualified physiotherapist, technically skilled. The exercises she prescribed were tailored to my specific needs, and have got me to the point where I can now do everything I could before the stroke with no noticeable deficit whatsoever.

One of the long-lasting benefits is that Sarah's approach uses the principles of core strength and stability from her training in Pilates. I am now a regular visitor to the Bristol Pilates Studio along with my daughter and we have noticed significant benefits of this form of low impact exercise. In many ways I'm in better shape now than I was before the stroke, and I owe much of that to Sarah. I can't thank her enough.

Dave, December 2014

Sarah was recommended to me by a top physiotherapist who is currently practising in Wales.I had reached an all-time low- I was scared as to where the disease (I have MS) was taking me. Sarah came to my home for the initial meeting and having assessed my movement ability, suggested Pilates combined with physiotherapy could be beneficial. And so, rather tentatively, I agreed to go for treatment at the Pilates Studio. I have been attending treatment sessions for three months and the difference is unbelievable. I know this is an incurable disease BUT Sarah's attitude is 'let's improve what we can.The sessions are 45 minutes long, during which Sarah is working on balance and strengthening the parts that have become lazy! My family are amazed at how well I am walking. Sarah has literally taught me to walk again.Sarah has given me a set of exercises to do at home which keep me focussed and hopeful. I am so thankful for the recommendation to see Sarah. She is always very upbeat, happy and encouraging. And the ambience of the Studio is warm, friendly and 'let's go to it! My intention is to continue with Sarah ' she has given me a new lease of life. Thank you, Sarah.

Annie, Bristol, (MS)

I am pleased to write a testimonial for Sarah. She has been helping my 92 year old mother in law who has macular degeneration and Alzheimer's with her rehabilitation by giving her physiotherapy initially twice a week and now on a weekly basis. Having become bed ridden in December 2012 through a chest infection, the assistance that she was given at that time had limited effect, but since Sarah's intervention she now has time out of bed and is able to sit in a chair. Sarah's gentle nature, reassurance and sense of humour have increased my mother in law's confidence, allowing her this additional quality of life. The exercises that Sarah has introduced have built up the strength in her muscles which in turn has allowed her to move from her bed. Sarah has a very professional approach and her knowledge and understanding of the needs for someone with my mother in law's condition is excellent. I therefore would have no reservations in recommending her to any potential client - patient.

Thank you John ' Jan2014

Sarah has a very amiable personality and you feel at ease as soon as you meet her, she takes time to understand your needs and problems and then suggests a programme of exercise linked with Pilates to try to alleviate them.

I have found since attending her sessions, I have achieved some improvement in my balance and an increase in my core strength through Pilates. I now see hope of more to come. I can highly recommend her.


I first had contact with Sarah after Googling 'physio' and her name came up as both local and incorporating neuro physio which met my needs of living in Clevedon with limited mobility due to MS.

We set up a home appointment, and at our first meeting I felt that she immediately understood my needs, not just in terms of a physical diagnosis but more importantly as an individual in a holistic way. Sarah listened to what I was saying and generally made me feel part of the therapeutic process.

During the physiotherapy treatment sessions, Sarah stretched my muscles and instigated exercises for me to practice independently that would help to strengthen them. She communicated regularly with my OT to discuss the possible resources that I would benefit from, which I was unaware of but am grateful to have since received.

Sarah's whole person approach was refreshing compared to some of the support networks that I've experienced previously, and I feel that my course of therapy was an extremely positive one. I believe that I have benefited from Sarah's support both physically and mentally, and I am grateful for the opportunity which has led me to help myself and improve my personal wellbeing.

C. MS. April 2013. Clevedon/Bristol

For an MND sufferer like me there is no treatment or cure, but one thing I can do, which is very beneficial, is to go to exercise at Sarah's well equipped studio every week. Always she manages, with her professional and cheerful manner to lift my spirits so I go home feeling so much better! Professionally she is most competent, and knows exactly how much I can and should exercise so the effect is definitely to improve things physically and mentally. It is definitely one of the best therapies for me.

Sue. February 2012. Motor neurone disease. Pilates and Physiotherapy.

We have attended Sarah's classes for several months. Sarah's pilates expertise combined with her physiotherapy knowledge has enabled her to tailor exercise sessions to our very different needs. One of us, who has a progressive neurological condition, has markedly benefited in terms of flexibility and balance, whilst both have significantly improved bodily strength and posture. No two sessions have been the same, building each time on our improving capabilities. The exercises are taught in a friendly, effective and confidence inducing manner. In all Sarah is an impressive and highly professional teacher. Thank you for everything you did for R. You really made such a difference to him and, although he is far from happy with the diagnosis, he did feel he was doing something to help himself. You encouraged him every step of the way and we are both so grateful.

R and S. February 2012. R' Parkinsons. Pilates and Physiotherapy.

I have been attending pilates lessons with Sarah for a couple of years now and found it to be very beneficial to my health and wellbeing and would highly recommend it as a form of exercise. Through studying pilates I have improved my posture, flexibility and, importantly for me, am able to maintain my back health. Sarah always tailors her lessons to your particular needs and is able to draw on her wealth of experiences as a physiotherapist which certainly inspires you to feel confident that the exercises she suggests are safe and will be valuable.

Emily. February 2012

Thank you so much for all the pilates which you can definitely have a pat on the back for as it has literally kept me standing up and I do a bit pretty much every day now.

Emily, August, 2012. Discectomy. Pilates and Physiotherapy.

Attending Sarah's classes has enables me to focus on my physical wellbeing. I started nearly two years ago and although i've no medical need to attend it has helped me to improve iron out any little niggles. Her sessions are always relaxed and run in a professional manor. Pilates as a whole is an activity you don't miss until you stop doing it and having someone as knowledgeable as Sarah gives you the confidence to do it!

Lucy. December 2011. General Pilates

A year of Pilates with Sarah has made such a difference to my hip. I had resigned myself to living with low level pain, but over time and with careful guidance, my core strength and flexibility improved which supported my back and hip and relieved the pain. Sarah also quickly assessed my posture and helped me to correct it. I really didn't expect such a change as the exercises seem so subtle. What made a real difference compared to other classes, were the small groups, personal attention and Sarah's background in Physiotherapy and Pilates, it's a great combination. I can't recommend Sarah enough.

Alison. August 2011. Hip and back pain, Pilates.

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